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I purchased the Pandora Box: Onepage WordPress Template for one of my more important websites. I wasn’t looking for anything in particular when I ran across the theme on ThemeForest. I have a couple of websites that need to be refreshed so I’ve been actively searching for fresh new WP themes.

My local technology services appeal to small business owners. Whatever theme I use has to be professional yet bold. Because we only have a few seconds to make a good impression online, its best to feed information to visitors in small chunks.

When someone arrives on a website that contains a massive amount of information, its hard to find stuff. When I can’t find something quickly, I hit the back button.

The large (phone and tablet) images that appear on the demo site showed me that this theme can help make a bold statement. I work on computers for a living. I speak to end users consistently. I know for sure that most people prefer large images and text on their computer screens. The 2 images that load help your visitor to visualize the type of products or services being offered.

The large text that appears to the left of the images is wrapped in an H1 header tag. This is ideal for search engine optimization. As you scroll down the demo you’ll find an interesting location to showcase your products or in my case, IT services.

The remaining sections as you scroll down the demo site are controlled through the use of Pandora Box plugins. PB Blocks, PB Slider, PB Skills, PB Team, PB PriceTable and PB Partners. Each of these plugins have their own options. This allows for easy customization of each section individually. The included plugins give this theme added functionality.

The documentation guides you through everything step by step. I would recommend this theme to WordPress experts and beginners. I contacted tech support twice and each time I was responded to within 24 hours. Good tech support is a big deal to me. I was impressed.

Click on the image below to see this theme in action.


Because I had most of the written content it only toke one day to have this WordPress theme configured and ready for the public. I enjoyed setting up the Pandora Box WordPress Template and I’m sure you will too. It is really easy to work with and looks great in the end.

I do have one minor complaint and its about the blog. It’s structured a little bit different. I understand the idea behind it. I just think there is too much free space between the middle section and the right-side widget area as shown below.


I would have preferred to have the middle section centered or sectioned off in a more uniformed fashion. Not a big deal. I could easily fix it by editing the .CSS file or by creating a child theme.

To learn more or to purchase Pandora Box, click here.

John BousmanPandora Box: WordPress Review

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