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Ninite comes in handy, in more ways than one. As a computer technician, I often find myself setting up a new PC for someone. During the setup and configuration process there are a number of 3rd party software packages that are essential for standard computer use.

Some of those cant live without programs are Adobe Reader, Adobe Flash Player, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Google Earth, Skype, WinRAR, iTunes, Quicktime, Java, Silverlight, Filezilla, AVG and Google Drive to name a few.

What Ninite allows you to do is install all of these essential applications at once. No more visiting 10 to 20 websites and spending hours downloading things. Simply visit, select the programs to install and click on “Get Installer”. Like magic, you’ll slowly begin to see all of those much needed applications appear one by one.


That’s just for starters. If you’re a Systems Administrator and looking for a way to update Java, Flash, Adobe Reader and other basic applications without going to each PC individually. Ninite Pro fully integrates with Active Directory and allows you to update all network attached PC’s at once.

The Pro version starts at $20/mo for 100 machines and is well worth the money. Ninite allows you to turn off those annoying Java and Adobe update notifications. End users often complain about software notifications popping up when logging on and throughout the day. If you have a GPO that controls Windows updates for your domain, this software is the perfect companion to update everything else.

To learn more or to use Ninite, click here.

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John BousmanNinite – Install All Your Programs at Once

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